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Diet pills and other weight loss fads are numerous these days as the Internet has now become the hotspot for purchasing weight loss remedies which claim to reduce the fat in your body with little effort on your part. The problem with these types of diet fads is that so many of them are not legitimate and they haven’t officially been approved by the Federal Drug Administration, which could pose health dangers to dieters. This is not to say that there are no legitimate weight loss products on the market, but dieters who wish to use these products must do their research by visiting the websites of university medical schools, well-known hospitals, medical research organizations and the Federal Drug Administration. In addition to this, if the weight loss product you purchased doesn’t work, you waste money that could’ve been used for more meaningful things. One such controversial weight loss drug is the HCG Diet Drops.

HCG Diet Drops are made from human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that’s made by the embryo then by the placenta during pregnancy. In recent years HCG Diet Drops has been used as a weight loss drug, and makers of this drug claim that it regulates hunger by tricking a person’s body into thinking it’s not hungry, and they say that people who use this drug also lose weight by restricting themselves to a 500-calorie diet in addition to the HCG diet drops, which is recommended by the makers of these drops. HCG Diet Drops first appeared on the scene in the 1960s and 1970s and was developed by British doctor Albert T. Simeons. There are mixed opinions among experts regarding the effectiveness of of the HCG Diet Drops in weight loss. According to Dr. David Katz of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, a 1995 study from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, there is no scientific evidence that HCG diet drops is effective in permanent weight loss. He also said that some side effects that resulted from the use of these drops included headaches, depression and potentially fatal blood clots. And according to Elizabeth Miller, the Federal Drug Administration’s leader for the Internet and health fraud team, it’s actually illegal for online vendors to sell HCG diet drops because the drops haven’t been officially approved by the FDA, and that there still isn’t enough valid research to prove that these diet drops actually work. However, Miller mentioned that the HCG diet drops have been a lower priority for the FDA to take action on because the diet drops don’t pose an immediate and direct health hazard to those who use it.

Although you can find HCG diet drops on the Internet, these can be costly as the prices range from fifty dollars for a 21-day delivery by some vendors to a couple of hundred dollars a few months’ delivery of the HCG diet drops. Also keep in mind that some online vendors of the HCG diet drops may not even sell you the authentic version but an imitation so it’s best to speak with your doctor first and get recommendations before you make a purchase. Finally, before you decide on the HCG diet drops as an option, take steps towards long-term weight loss such as getting in daily exercise, reducing stress and eating the right foods.

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