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HCG Diet Protein Shakes Meal Replacement by HCG Buy Direct Chef Mel


Watch HCG Diet Shake Recipe Video by Chef Mel   HCG Buy Direct has delicious Protein Powders that come in Chocolate and Vanilla. Our own Chef Mel demonstrates how to “shake it up” and make your own delicious shakes. This is a great protein portion Meal replace that is approved for the weight loss program […]

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We have two types of HCG what is the difference and which one is better for you to lose weight?

HCG dosage by HCG Buy Direct

We have two forms of the hCG that we offer to our clients. What is the difference and which one is better for you to lose weight. •    Pre-mixed hCG diet plan; Available for you to order direct with no waiting. You will get the real human chorionic gonadotropin sublingual drops and with our recommended dosage […]

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HCG diet program with more calories and still achieving success


We all know the HCG diet works and sometimes we understand that the food plan this diet will scare some people away from doing it or thinking it will be too difficult without even trying.  I understand that first hand because I was one of those people…at first.   I did the diet and gave it […]

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