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HCG approved skin care products www.cocobellaskin.com

HCG diet approved skin products at

Coco Bella Skin

When doing the HCG diet program you can only use mineral oil or coconut oil products

Coco Bella has a wonderful line of skin care products that are all HCG approved products.  They carry body lotion, facial lotion and hand lotion.  When you are following the HCG diet protocol the diet does not consist of fats so over a period of time your skin can tend to get dry.  Coco Bella Skin came up with a beautiful lightly scented lotion that soothes dry and fatigued skin.  Provides superior moisture and gives your skin a much more youthful overall look.  We love them all.

HCG approved detox bath salts are a pure mineral compound

Coco Bella Skin salts are natural way to relaxation and draws toxins from the body.  Improve your circulatory health. Flush toxins from cells, easing joint and muscle pain. Ease stress and improve sleep and concentration. Help muscles and nerves function properly. Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.  Help prevent or ease migraine headaches & flush out toxins.

What other ways can I moisturize my skin during the HCG diet program?

You also can use mineral that would be Johnson’s Baby oil or Johnson’s shower gel (the ones with no vitamin E)   Pure coconut oil is also acceptable to use during the HCG diet protocol.

Your skin elasticity will improve when you are on the HCG diet drops

So many of our HCG diet clients have been so successful with the weight loss and on our program and they are thrilled with their overall skin improvement.  After the weight loss the skin not being saggy and even women found their make up went on better with having a smoother complexion.

Purchase your HCG skin products at Coco Bella Skin

www.cocobellaskin.com or call 623-465-1241 – you can even pick up in Arizona, they are located in the North Phoenix area

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