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HCG Buy Direct weight loss Testimonial

hcg diet before and after photo over 90 pounds lost

From our little shining star who has been a joy to work with;

Client; Rachelle She Lost 91.4 Pounds!
Ok so here is my update for today! Last we spoke about my weight I think I was 155.8? Well now Im 148.6 =) And this is a before/after picture. Ive lost 91.4 pounds since that point. You can’t really see me because Im hiding behind a tree in shame, but its an idea lol. On the left Im a size 18…. now I’m an 8. Going on 6 soon hopefully! Fingers crossed. Slowly but surely

We think her smile says it all!  from HCG Diet Girl



Before and after photos of real clients.  Our friendly staff at HCG Buy Direct are here to help you along your weight loss journey.  Each one of our staff has done the HCG diet and know how hard losing weight can be.  From our experiences through the years we have so much info that really helps you achieve your personal goals.

It’s always good to have encouragement while going through such a dramatic weight loss

We now have a “text message help line”  you can order from or ask questions 480-559-5790

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