HCG diet program with more calories and still achieving success



We all know the HCG diet works and sometimes we understand that the food plan this diet will scare some people away from doing it or thinking it will be too difficult without even trying.  I understand that first hand because I was one of those people…at first.   I did the diet and gave it a fair shot following everything to a “T”  My first month I lost 30 pounds and overwhelmed with happiness.  I continued my journey and managed to lose over 100 pounds

If you want to do the HCG diet with more calories we highly recommend doing it.  You won’t lose as rapid as if you did the low calorie intake but you will lose weight, a bit slower but still losing weight.

We recommend that if you want to add more calories to the HCG diet food you can do so by adding “allowed” foods into your program.   Adding something for breakfast like our hCG protein shake, doing your two meals of 4 ounces of your approved protein and 4 ounces of approved veggies.  Adding an extra fruit if need be.   Eating the “allowed” foods are important in order to keep a good weight loss going.

Give it a try you have nothing to lose but weight and everything to gain, like fitting in those jeans again, not being afraid to put on that swim suit for the summer and having an uncontrollable urge to dance with joy!  The list go on all in a positive direction.

Ready to take that first step visit our website; HCG Buy Direct we are here to help you in so many ways.    Thanks for taking the time to read this.  take care, HCG Diet Girl – Jo  🙂

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