HCG Drops Side Effects

Potential HCG drop side effects

Some dieters have questions about the potential side effects of HCG. Most information sources focus on pharmaceutical weight-loss injections or higher dosage uses of HCG, like the treatment of testosterone or fertility. Very few deal with the side effects of homeopathic HCG diet drops, or when they do, theyre just copying information that just applies to the injections. Homeopathic drops and prescription-strength shots are very different with regard to side effects.

Since HCG diet drops are not prescription strength, they will be easier on your body. Based on everything we have seen, there are no severe side effects known to be associated with homeopathic HCG itself. The most common side effects experienced by people taking HCG drops for weight loss really come from the drastic diet change.

Like everyone starting the HCG diet for the first time, you probably have some huge diet changes ahead. First off no more fats or sugars at all, not even a little. Second, you will only be getting 500 calories per day by eatingeverything else comes from the stored fat you will be consuming. Although you will have the help of HCG, your body definitely has some adjusting to go through.

Although the body is getting a sufficient amount of energy from your stored fat thats being consumed, the stomach will be getting much less food than its used to. Besides, the food is, for most people, very different from what most participants are used to eating.

The straight truth is that your digestive system will experience a period of adjustment. Some of the symptoms you may undergo are:

* Some people experience headaches at some point during the first week of the 500-calorie diet. Any regular, over-the-counter pain killer can be taken to get ride of headache.

* Mild dizziness is not uncommon, but it usually disappears before the first week is over.

* When you’re on the 500-calorie diet, it is expected for bowel movements to occur less often, sometimes only one time per 3 days or so. This is not real constipation. However, sometimes people do get truly constipated. If this happens to you, you should take a mild, sugar-free laxative.

* Leg cramps sometimes occur because of the low levels of potassium in the 500-calorie diet. Potassium supplements can be used to treat this side effect.

* When your body consumes fat, normal toxins are released into your body and eventually eliminated. Because of the breakneck speed at which your body consumes fat stores on the HCG diet, these toxins can build up,resulting in a minor rash before being eliminated.

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