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HCG Sublingual Drops or HCG Injections; Is one better than the other?

HCG diet injections

injections for the hcg diet program







Which HCG diet program will give you the results you want?

HCG Diet Girl; I’ve personally have done both and didn’t see any difference in the amount of weight loss or one being faster than the other.  We have worked with many companies where groups of people did the HCG diet program some on injections others with the drops they all lost weight at the same rate.

A big advantage of doing the drops is that you can remain on them until you lose your desired weight as with the injections you need to start and stop protocol.

You also can use our Un-Mixed HCG for injections using sterile water or Bacteriostatic Sterile Water. We are not only authorized to give advice with the sublingual drops not injections. (We do have a lot of people that do the injections and purchase the hCG from us since it is more cost affective and convenient.) 

Both programs follow the same diet protocol and people are getting amazing results from both.

Disclaimer: This is an alternative to doing the hCG drops.  This is not medical advise and we are not responsible for any injury or infection by not keeping your injection area clean.  We only give advise and instructions for the HCG sublingual drops.  The injections are an alternative to do on your own.   This is for advise purposes only.    

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