I lost 150 pounds on the HCG diet drops in 7 months!

HCG Diet Girl’s Story

I really needed to have a knee replacement and was devastated when the doctor told me he would not do my replacement unless I lost weight. I was so frustrated trying for so long to lose weight when my knees were hurting so much I couldn’t do the exercise I needed to do in order for any diet to work. I have tried so many diets and nothing worked until I had a friend tell me about the HCG diet. I never heard of it before and was willing to try it. It basically came down to either getting the weight off or getting a wheelchair that was not a pleasant feeling to say the least. I did the HCG diet and had great results! I was looking on the internet and saw so many sites it made my head spin I found one HCG diet site that I liked and it was only $75 to get started. I ordered my HCG Diet drops and it came in a cute package and I was really excited!

Starting the HCG Diet Program

I started the HCG diet program; I followed everything by the book. The first 28 days I dropped 30 pounds and it was amazing, like every morning I woke up being shocked on how much better I looked, I was losing weight (that I never could get off before). So not only did I lose weight (for me it was pretty much a pound a day), my skin also looked better. In the areas I was losing weight my skin tightened up and got smoother so I didn’t get the saggy mushy parts where I lost the weight (I hope that makes sense) even my make up went on better, my family told me I had a healthy glow which made me happy.

Food consumption on the HCG Diet

The diet is pretty low calories and at first I didn’t think that would be enough food to survive on (I’m an eater AND Italian!) 🙂 But doing the HCG drops along with taking a natural appetite suppressant it wasn’t bad at all. You have 2 meals a day that consist of a protein and vegetable and two fruits a day, so I made it easy for myself and made up my food for the whole week, so twice a day I grab my measured food I made this easy dressing to put over it, and I just grabbed my fruit and just did it! And when you see results like this it’s all worth it. The hcg drops I put under my tongue in the morning, afternoon and once at night. It does not taste bad at all, hard to explain what they taste like but I would describe it as mildly sweet nothing yucky at all.

I am so pleased with this program and on my 10th week and I DROPPED 60 Pounds!!!

The weight is coming off quickly

Five and a half short months I have lost a total of 101 POUNDS!!! Now to date I have lost a TOTAL OF 150 POUNDS! I can hardly explain the feeling, it’s like happy, blessed and amazed all wrapped up into this one great feeling. I honestly say this is by far the best program I have ever done and I truly feel it has saved my life; yeah the HCG diet has really saved my life.

I’ve wasted money on many diets that never worked and truly hope you choose to start your hcg diet because I believe it will change your life just like it did mine!

Good Luck to you and have a healthy day! 🙂

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