Pure HCG for injections or sublingual drops are key for successful weight loss

Pure HCG for injections or sublingual drops are key for successful weight loss.

So many other websites offer hCG that is Not the real pure hCG. Don’t be fooled by the multiple sites out there offer homeopathic hCG or drops that offer a money back guarantee that you will never see.

HCG Buy Direct has been going strong since 2008 online and worked setting up real weight loss clinics and distributors throughout the United States.

We offer two types of HCG, both are the “Pure human chorionic gonadotropin”

  • Pre-mixed hCG diet plan; Available for you to order direct with no waiting. You will get the real human chorionic gonadotropin sublingual drops and with our recommended dosage you will be getting 175-200IU’s per day which is the perfect amount to start with (According to Dr. Simeon’s protocol). This comes to you ready to use and you will take 10 drops 3x per day.
  • Un-mixed hCG diet plan; you need to fill out a simple online medical form that is to be approved by the doctor (which takes 24 to 48 hours.) Once you are approved, only then will your card be charged and your product is shipped to you.

You will receive a vial of 12000IU’s of hCG in it’s purest powdered form, the sublingual mixing solution in the bottle with the dropper and a mixing kit. This requires a very simple one time mixing process. This version is more concentrated, being a 23 day supply giving you about 525-550IU’s per day, while only taking 5 drops 2x per day.

The main benefits of the un-mixed product is going to be:

The shelf life: while it remains un-mixed it is good for 1 year (once constituted it is potent for 30days)

You get more international units with less frequent and fewer drops (only 5drops 2x per day)

More IU’s are beneficial for anyone who has been on the program for an extended period of time, as your body can build a tolerance to the HCG (but this only happens after 3+ months of use)

You may also use this as injections using sterile water for injections or Bacteriostatic Sterile Water. We are not only authorized to give advice with the sublingual drops not injections. (We do have a lot of people that do the hCG injections and purchase the hCG from us since it is more cost affective and convenient.)

It’s really personal preference. Both programs follow the exact same diet protocol and people are getting amazing equal results from both types of hCG.

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