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HCG Diet Information understanding your dosage hCG drops

Joy Ranch Wellness Center HCG Diet News – HCG Buy Direct

 This is a great chart that will help you understand how many drops are actually in your HCG bottle of drops. We know how all of these measurements can get quite confusing so here is a chart to help you understand how all this works. It’s all mathematical – Your 23 day supply of HCG […]

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hCG Injections where to buy needles online at a great price


HCG Sublingual Drops or HCG Injections; Is one better than the other?             Which HCG diet program will give you the results you want? HCG Diet Girl; I’ve personally have done both and didn’t see any difference in the amount of weight loss or one being faster than the other.  We have worked with many […]

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Arizona Women’s Expo Phoenix Convention Center HCG diet drops www.hcgbuydirect.com

HCG diet drops at the Arizona Women’s Expo

Arizona Women’s Expo HCG Buy Direct featured HCG diet drops We had a great time meeting lots of wonderful people at the Expo great shopping experience for everyone. We offered our HCG diet programs at a great deal to kick off the up and coming swim suit season Arizona’s Ultimate Women’s EXPO 2011 keynote speakers […]

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HCG Buy Direct Featured on Arizona’s 3tv

hcg diet

As one of the leading hcg diet drops distributors in the US, HCG Buy Direct provides some of the best quality hcg drops available but the quality doesn’t stop there. With so many different companies out there selling hcg, HCG Buy Direct separates themselves from the competition with superior customer service guiding their clients and […]

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